Ocean3C offers collaborative programs to share expertise and inspire students and their communities to become game changers and own stewardship of our oceans!

General public awareness in environmental issues has been growing consistently over the last decades. Nonetheless, despite their critical roles as our life support system, Oceans have somehow not garnered much attention so far…

Thanks to our many existing partnerships with international and local experts, Ocean3C-Education proposes to embark Hong Kong schools on a thrilling journey to further develop their Ocean literacy. Along the way, the school communities are going to be able to better understand the Ocean’s influence on us as well as our own influence on the Ocean.
The Ocean3C-EDU programs also nurture collaborative spirits, sense of responsible citizenship and empower students to take actions.


Secondary school students program

Through a year-long, student-centered and fact-/science-based approaches, Hong Kong school students have the opportunity to team up with experts and mentors (local and international) to deepen their understanding of the importance of the ocean and become game changers in the field of marine sustainability.

Thanks to a 3 phased program (1-Induction, 2-Core Project, 3- Hands-on actions), they will gain substantial Ocean literacy and confidence to become Ocean Ambassadors in their communities.

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We will be glad to welcome you aboard along with many others!

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ECF Blue ambassador programme: Promoting Ocean literacy in HK school communities

You can’t protect what you don’t know… or don’t understand!

This maxim fits well when addressing Ocean sustainability topic.

The current Ocean3C-Education program has been designed to support educators to confidently and successfully address topics on Ocean Science and sustainability.

Thanks to Hong Kong government funding (e.g., Environmental Conservation Fund), the program offers full guidance to schools in a well-rounded structure with complementary objectives:
a – thanks to an educational curriculum, equip educators with essential principles and fundamentals concepts ruling the Ocean,
b – through the hosting of train-the-trainers workshops, create a supportive network and resourceful platform to promote holistic thinking in school settings,
c – allow schools and their communities to be Ocean literate and make informed and responsible decisions regarding the Ocean and its resources.

Contact us @ blue.ambassador@ocean3c.org to know more!

Education to Climate Action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Looking to engage your students and/or educational organisation on sustainability and climate change?

Please get in touch to discuss the organization of a Climate Fresk workshop!
Reach out @ climate.action@ocean3c.org.

It is a powerful, science-based and collaborative experience to learn about the ongoing climate deregulation in an entertaining and truly interactive way.
By the end of the event, participants will leave with a broad picture of the Climate system, how human activities are causing its disruption and they will feel better equipped to decide on solutions and to start acting.